Past Travels: A list of Countries

I wasn’t planning on writing about my past travels because we live for the future. But a friend of mine told me that I should at least do a recap of my past travel experiences for my own sake. She told me that at least I can look back and see what I’ve done and maybe think about if I would do it again/go again.

Ok. That sounds pretty reasonable. As I stated in my first post, my dad was the one was who all about travels in our family. I think he believed that traveling also has immense educational value and wanted to give us that first hand. I won’t list all the places I’ve been with my family because most of it is from road travel within the US. I’ll make a separate list for US States I’ve hit in the future. Instead, I’ll list all the countries I wanted to visit and have gone to. I will also exclude Korea because it would come up too often.

So here is the list:

2009 – England (London) and France (Paris)
2010 – China (Beijing), Vietnam (Halong bay and Ho Chi Minh City), and Cambodia (Siem Reap)
2011 – China (Kunming)
2012 – (grad school years)
2013 – (grad school years)
2014 – Philippines (Cebu and Bohol)
2015 – Japan (Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka)
2016 – Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Uji, Okinawa) and South Africa (Rustenburg)
2017 – Canada (Toronto), Japan (Tokyo), and China (Hangzhou, Shanghai)
2018 – Iceland (Reykjavik to Hofn), Mexico (Cancun), and Japan (Ise, Nagoya)

Wow… Now that I’ve written it down… That is a lot… More than I remember! Most of them were short trips put together but wow. That is a lot. And a lot of Japan. That is because every time I went to Korea, if I had time, I would do a 3 day trip to Japan. Mostly weekend trips.

Alright. Now that I have the list, I’ll try to go back and find photos and write a post. I might do them backwards to make it easier for myself. I know I can find pictures of Iceland, Mexico, and Japan easily but for the earlier trips, I might need to do some digging. I really should keep all my photos together somewhere… (Time to buy another external hard drive)