Packing for winter Europe

It is extremely hard to pack for a trip in winter. Winter clothes take up more space in your luggage and are heavier too.

Here is a list of things I packed.

3 coats (red, olive, and grey)
1 light coat (grey)
3 jeans (blue, black, pink)
2 leggings
2 tights
2 skirts (camel and light grey)
3 long sleeve shirts
3 sweater
winter scarf
ear muffs
2 satchels
1 tote bag
grey walking shoes
dark grey ankle boots (wearing)

laptop and charger
camera (Sony a5000) and charger
extra memory cards
phone (Samsung S10) and charger
fitbit and charger
sim card

make up
tooth brush/paste
piercing healing spray (I recently got one so I need to clean it)
board game (small)
hot packs
priority pass

I did not pack my travel size hair dryer because of the difference in power. I wasn’t sure if the adapter could take it. So I’m just relying on my accommodation having one.

So I packed all this in 1 luggage, 1 backpack, and 1 tote bag. After packing, there was still some space left so I have space for light shopping. Hopefully I can keep it light!

Also, I will let you know if what I packed was enough or too much.