Happy New year

Hello Everyone 🙂 Happy New Year!! I hope everyone is having a great start to 2021.

I am currently in South Korea, staying with my parents. When I decided to travel to Korea, I was extremely careful and prepared a lot for the flight. I brought extra masks and also bought a face shield. I kept my mask on most of the flight (just took it off to eat) and kept the face shield on the whole flight.

Once off the flight, I was cautious of my surrounding and kept my distance from people. I followed all the rules set by the Korean government and listened to the people giving the instruction.

When I arrived at my quarantine apartment, I stayed indoors the whole time by myself. When my parents came to visit, we talked through the door or from the balcony window. When I left, I wiped down the apartment with disinfectant wipes and also sprayed down the trash bags. I tried to make sure everything was clean.

However, since right before leaving the apartment, the COVID cases started going up in Korea. Seoul was the center of the rise and was considered unsafe. There were hundreds of new cases in Seoul and there was talks of a lockdown. I also felt that it was too dangerous to travel in Korea for the time being so I stayed in Busan. The cases in Busan was relatively low, compared to Seoul. The restaurants were open but everything else was closed.

My parents and I drove everywhere instead of using public transportation. And we mostly visited places that were in the open and did not have a lot of people. Mostly, the mountains and the beaches.

It has been interesting 1 month and I do hope the numbers start to go down. I have some family and friends in Seoul that I would like to see but I would not want to risk our health while doing so. So for now, I am keeping safe distance and staying home most of the time. And if I do go out, I’m again making sure I keep a safe distance from people.

So everyone, I hope you are all keeping safe for 2021! We will beat this virus together!