The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us on our travels!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


1st post. I have always loved traveling. And I think I got this from my dad. Every summer, he would take us on roadtrips across the US and stay at campsites for days. We would play in the woods, the rivers, the mountains.. The world was our oyster.

My family came to the US because of my dad’s education so most of our budget went to his tuition and we were always on a tight budget. But my parents always made the most of it. They taught me to love traveling, regardless of what budget I was working with. Also, destination was important but also being in each other’s company was more valued. But there is one thing we differed in: our style of travel.

I’m a bit of an over-planner. I like to make sure I have a plan A, B, and sometimes, even C. Where as my parents were more free spirited. They only planned out the main portion of the trip like the destination but everything else was spontaneous. Sometimes, he didn’t even book a campsite. Even now, looking back, I’m not sure how my parents did that.

So as a over-planning traveler, I do a lot of pre-planning before the trip. Now, just because I love have plans, it doesn’t mean I won’t have breaks in between my plans. While I’m traveling, I follow my heart and body, and of course, my companion’s options. If I have something in the plans but I’m feeling a bit tired, I can take a break and move on to plan B. I also pencil in breaks in my schedule 🙂

So with this being said, I wanted to share my travel stories with you. This website will mostly be about travel plans and budgets, actual travel photos/videos, and lots of food photos. I usually pick my destinations on attraction and food. So you will soon find out that food is really important to me and I cannot wait to share all the information with you. And I hope it brings you closer to your journey.

2019- LA and Las Vegas (April), Peru and Bolivia (May), Europe? (tentative)
2018- Iceland (March), Cancun (April), Korea (Oct), Japan (Oct)
2017- Toronto (March), Korea (Oct), Shanghai (Oct)

One thought on “The Journey Begins”

  1. Wow! I plan on traveling a lot while completing my time in the Army. I can’t wait to see what this blog and your adventures have in store!


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